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Next weekend you can meet us and our female, Esmeralda at the Scandinavian Winner show in Norrköping, Sweden.
This is the father of the new kittens, Ransu our Frensh boy.

Our cats are at the catshow in Hyvinkää 11.6- 12.6. 2011

Today the 21/ 3 is Princess Esmeraldas, 2 year birthday.

Fonzie got his Premier title at the catshow in Lahti 29.01
Esmeralda was nominated 30.01
Pirpana got EX 1, both days.

Fonzies and Esmeraldas kittens, Kalle and Pirpana is on the ERY-SYD catshow 9/ 10

SC Blue Melody Flipper has to our sorrow, gone to the catheaven 09.09. 2010

Fonzie and Flipper will be at the catshow in Tampere 4/ 9- 5/ 9

Esmeralda got her titel IC at Seinäjoki catshow 7/ 3- 2010

Flipper is the best adult 2009, in category III in PIROK

SC Blue Melody Flipper was the most successful Charteux 2009 at the catshows in Finland.
EC Fonzie was nicely 4 in males and Esmeralda was 2 in the class for the youth.
Blue Melody Flipper got his Supreme Champion title at PIROK catshow 27/9-09