Chanceux cattery

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FI* Chanceux, breedername was accepted by FIFE in October 2008.
The name is french and means " lucky".
Our cattery is situated in Lempäälä, that is about 15 km from Tampere. We  live in a rowhouse where the cats have a safe outdoor cage, where they can look at everything that intrests th
We are breeding Charteux and British shorthair cats
for everybody who has falling in love with this wonderful breeds.
 Our first kittens of healty Chartreux- cats, was born in July 2010, 

                        Our cats


IC Francois DeLeCour Des Chats Bleus"Ransu"


SC Poekie Mau Mau's Esmeralda


CH Chanceux Amour du Coeur "Pirpana"
NOM x 1
Best Chartreux kitten 2010